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The scholarship committee will review and rate each application based on the following criterion:

  1. College Readiness (Part I) – college application, major / minor, ACT/SAT

  2. Personal & Career Goals (Part II) – what are they? (300 words)

  3. Financial Need (Part III) - Are there any unique circumstances that create a significant financial need for you or your family?

  4. Personal Essay (Part IV) - Share with us how the experiences in your life thus far have prepared you to be successful in college and beyond. Include any obstacles or challenges you have faced and overcome during your high school career or a significant experience or risk you have taken and its impact on you. (500 words)

  5. Community Service (Part V) - School-Based and Personal

  6. Student Involvement / Honors & Awards / Leadership / Work Experience (Part VI)

  7. References (3 References: 2 school-related, 1 personal)

  8. Application Quality (thorough, quality essays, neatness, spelling/grammar, etc.)

  9. GPA (Submitted from HS Counselor)

*Each criterion is worth 5 points with the exception of Part VI which is worth 10 points.

  • Download & save the app in your name (

  • Committee will review anonymous applications: Enter your personal info on page 1 and then

    keep the rest anonymous.

  • No late entries will be accepted.

  • Applications must be typed and emailed to

  • 3 References are due with the application and should include 2 from counselors, teachers or HS administrators and 1 personal reference.  Reference forms are available on the GIFT Website,

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